Frugal Tip ~ Use your library

24 Apr

I LOVE to read and I’m in the process of trying to live a more “frugal” life.  Hence my attempt at mashing my love of books and my journey to be more frugal into one blog. Reading is one of those things that keeps me out of trouble…along with knitting and digital photography.  

 Because I love to read, I have a strong desire to buy books all the time.  Last year I would have given in to the urge to buy bags of books.  Now I have found that a HUGE chunk of the books that I have on my wish list are available in my library system.  So now I’m using my library more and when my mom and I go thrifting I like to check out the bookshelves….I love that I can buy a bag of books for a couple of bucks at our favorite thrift stores.

Right now I have 19 books checked out of my library.  All of them with the exception of 2 were on my wish list.  I also have another 14 books that were on my wish list that are “in transit” to my library.  If you don’t have a library card, I recommend getting one.  Especially if you like to read and save money.  With the exception of late fees or lost books, checking items out of the library (at least at my library anyway) doesn’t cost a thing.  I know that all libraries are different but please check into it.


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